iOS Apps

We love apps! So we design & create native applications for iPhones and specialized apps for iPads, using our own innovative mobile app platform, AppBaker.

It’s hard to ignore this vastly growing market with smartphone users spending 64% of their mobile time on apps* and 35 million apps downloaded/day*. This is why a great number of companies are using mobile apps to inform and engage their audiences, helping them to reach and exceed their goals.

Check out some of the 100+ apps we’ve already done.

Android Apps

The benefits of an Android app are pretty much the same as iOS apps. The difference is that they’re built natively for smartphones using an Android operating system.

Yes, there’s a whole different development process needed for that. Even though iOS apps are still in the lead for most apps dowloaded, the Android market is not to be ignored as it’s increasingly rising every day. Check out some of our Android apps.

Mobile Games

You know Angry Birds? Yeah, that wasn’t us.

But we are extremely proud of our  3D action game, SlenderMan’s Forest which is doing really great on the App Store!

Mobile Games

Mobile Websites/ HTML5 Apps

You’ve invested a great deal in getting your website up and ready and boy does it look great! There’s only one problem.

If users try to access it from a smartphone or tablet they get overwhelmed by all the different, tiny elements that might not load properly and leave your page. It’s important to create a simplified, mobile version of your website where you can engage your visitors and give them all the information they’re looking for. Mobile websites also open up different ways on how you can interact with your visitors since instead of just clicking, they can touch, tap, pinch, slide, scroll, zoom, etc. Built in HTML5, your mobile site will include the necessary provisions to then easily convert that mobile site into native iOS and Android apps in the future.

Check out some of our work on mobile websites.

Newsstand App Strategy

These are specialized online versions of your newspapers or magazines.

They can serve as an additional way of getting new subscribers for your publications, provide an additional advertising channel for your clients, while reducing your printing costs. Newsstand apps of your publications give your readers and advertisers options not available through print versions. That includes interactive ads and pictures, videos, opinion polls, etc.

Interested in a digital solution not on the list? Get in touch, we can probably help you with that too.