Social Media Set-up

Whether you’re an agency looking for an awesome digital agency to set-up your client’s social pages or the client itself, we can help with that.

Social media set-up usually entails designing, developing and setting up your page on facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, pinterest, google+, etc. That includes any special applications or games you want running on facebook for example for that page-launch competition you’re dying to see happen.

Social Media Set-up

Online Games & Contests

Online games & contests are great tools to create brand awareness, promote a new product launch, build a database of prospective clients, etc.

We take care of the whole process for you from concept to support.

Online Games & Contests

Interactive Campaigns

These campaigns can be anything that has the user interact with your brand, product or service.

Studies show that if a user interacts with a brand online instead of viewing a static image, then the brand-recall percentage increases significantly. From banner ads to specialized websites and everything in between, we can handcraft the awesomely interactive campaign you’re looking for.


You have a new product launching. You want to draw the right attention on it by giving it its own online spotlight.

But, you don’t want it on your corporate website since your new product has a separate branding and vibe. Plus you want to get buzz and excitement going by having an irresistibly interactive activity on there, shareable on all social media. This, more or less, is a microsite.

Interested in a digital solution not on the list? Get in touch, we can probably help you with that too.