Website Development

Websites are a good way to provide information and effectively communicate your messages to your online audiences.

Think of your corporate or brand website, your newsportal etc. From design to development, we’ve built all sorts of websites over the years. We’ve even created NQContent, a Content Management System (CMS) for website owners to update their content as they please, back when that wasn’t even an option. NQContent is still available to clients that are looking for a good, professional and reliable CMS.

Websites Development

 eCommerce Websites

These specialized websites allow visitors to buy your products and services directly from your website.

Includes features such as sync products with your shop’s POS system, provide live stock availability per product as per your real life store, send email and SMS updates to visitors about products in availability and many more.

eCommerce Websites

Responsive design

Creating a website for web browsers is one thing. However, users are browsing the web from all sorts of devices today.

That means your website’s design and layout needs to respond and display correctly on each device. Here is where responsive design comes in. What we do is make your site work wherever your users want to view it. An example? You’re looking at it! Just resize your browser screen to see how this website responds.

Responsive Design
  • Appbaker
  • CDB Bank
  • L. Papaphilippou & Co. LLC

Web Apps

Think of a smartphone app’s easy, fun and limitless usability but on a web browser.

Web Apps can be great tools for product launches, online contests, online mini-games etc. Best thing about it, a web browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome is all your user needs.

Enterprise Portals

These are great tools for companies to organize their current data, file-sharing system, archived work etc. Users can easily access, edit and share content.

Think of it as part of your corporate website where you want users to choose products and services, log into their accounts and change options; or as an intranet or extranet solution for your organization. We use our own award-winning CMS, NQContent for building enterprise portals customized to our clients’ needs.

Enterprise Portals

Intranet/ Extranet Portals

An Intranet is an internal communications network, where your staff can share and edit content online.

This is a good tool to improve your company’s data sharing efficiency and knowledge-base. An Extranet works as an extension of your intranet network outside the organization. It gives access to your clients over shared content. See enterprise portals for more information.

Interested in a digital solution not on the list? Get in touch, we can probably help you with that too.