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ANT1 has one of the nation’s leading TV and radio stations. But it wanted to reach its audiences with its news, radio and TV series beyond their traditional devices – going where they spend most of their time: online and on mobile. SNQ Digital helped ANT1 to do just that.

We started with an interactive, fast to load website that included all the latest headlines and TV series. The website includes live streaming of ANT1’s radio station and a Web TV functionality. That includes video streaming of ANT1 TV, as well as video on demand.

Apart from the website, ANT1 needed an iPhone application for their radio station, ANT1 FM. That application includes live streaming, a top 20 list, information for each show, among other features. The ANT1 FM app was built using AppBaker’s Radio Starter Pack, our very own mobile app development platform. An iPhone app transmitting all important news locally and worldwide, ANT1 News, was soon to follow. That came along with a mobile-optimized website version (in HTML5), for all other smartphone users that do not hold iPhones and want to access the website as it should be on a mobile device. However, ANT1 wanted to give its Android audiences a specialized app as well, so we went on to create an Android mobile app of ANT1 News.

Our latest work for ANT1, and the best of it all, is ANT1’s Web TV mobile application! The ANT1 Web TV app comes in iOS (custom-made specifically for iPhones and iPads) and Android. This being the first Web TV mobile app in Cyprus, it includes ANT1 TV’s series and news videos, an easy to navigate, interactive menu to give users the best experience possible!

So, ANT1 has now what we call a complete digital solution. It best utilizes all digital outlets to reach and increase its audiences, truly embracing the needs of today’s always connected world.