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Skoda wanted to engage with its online audiences.

In 2012 Skoda Cyprus wanted to engage with its online audiences. It also wanted to communicate its brand positioning of “simply clever” and “έξυπνες εξερευνήσεις” (clever explorations) – showcasing its smart, adventurous side. After speaking with its comms agencies, SNQ Digital came up with a plan that would showcase Skoda’s brand values, while interacting with its audiences in a fun, engaging way.

Social Branding

While working with its comms agencies, SNQ Digital took on all the technical aspects, interactive content and design needs of Skoda’s social media presence. Before going into campaigns, we needed to set up its facebook, twitter and youtube pages properly. We then went on to add content with the online visitor’s experience in mind. We created an interactive product gallery on facebook so that visitors can get more information about Skoda’s cars but in a more interesting way. We also wanted visitors to keep coming back to Skoda’s facebook page not just to get informed about Skoda, but to make it their source of information about the cleverly adventurous things going on at the time. In this case, it was the London 2012 Olympic Games. A dedicated tab with a live newsfeed of the Games was created to keep people engaged with Skoda’s page for their Olympic Games news. With Skoda’s Brand Ambassador and World Champion skeet shooter George Achilleos participating in the Games, it was only natural to create another dedicated tab with a live newsfeed of George Achilleos’s scores and adventurous next games.

The Perfect Cypriot Car Campaign

Skoda Cyprus’s facebook page needed to get populated with people if it was to engage with them. So came the first campaign: Design the perfect Cypriot car. Showing how Skoda is invested in the local market and creating a massive brainstorming session, it asked participants to share their idea on what they would add to a Skoda car to make it ideal for the Cypriot driver/weather/roads. Some very interesting (and really funny) suggestions came through! Skoda Cyprus made the promise of having its expert design team create a 3D model of a car with the winning Cypriot feature. Furthermore, the person with the winning suggestion got prizes that would help express his/her own clever and adventurous nature. The results, buzz and feedback around this contest were overwhelming.

Clever Explorations with Skoda Campaign

Once a solid facebook following was built, it was time for the main competition to create some true engagement: Clever Explorations with Skoda. This time, Skoda was asking Cypriot residents to pick their crew of 4 people and enter to compete against other crews in a clever exploration of Cyprus. Each of the 4 finalist crews were given a pre-set adventure seeking route, a Skoda car, a GPS and a digital camera. They then had to explore the route, discover interesting points worth sharing with others and document their awesome off-road adventure with photos and videos along the way. The winning team got an even more awesome off-road adventure in Greece.

The “Clever Explorations” contest tab on facebook included a form to enter and share the contest, information and videos of the 4 finalist teams, the routes on interactive maps of Cyprus for page visitors to follow each team’s adventure, along with other information and details about the contest. Apart from creating a great buzz and leaving no doubt in people’s mind about Skoda’s positioning, this contest created some great audio-visual material of the adventures Skoda helped start. You can see more videos from the contest here.

  • Client: SKODA Cyprus
  • Launched: 2012
  • facebook: /SkodaCyprus
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